about us


Maruti Corporation having modern facilities with over 50000 square feet of manufacturing space near the vadodara (gujarat state , india).
Vadodara is one of the biggest industrial and chemical complexes hub in india making us ideal for easy availbility of speciallized skilled engineers, man power , spares & instruments availiblity also.

With state-of-the-art fabricating machines like heavy welding equipments, heavy duty cranes, rolling mills. over 200 HP of three phase power is available for first trial run after completing final assymbly. Also we have diesel generator sets to replicate power for greater power needs. We are capable to handle jobs of extra large size and shape with the highest quality standards are employed.

Maruti Corporation's VISION :

  1. To be the leading market of Air & Gas products & solutions that exceed customer expectations and deliver value to our clients. Continuous Research & Development to ensure our customers are getting the best of technology that is well tested and proven in all aspects. Quality has no alternatives. We should be famous in the market for the quality of its products and needs to clearly rise up above the competition in this regard. Failure is not an option. No challenge is too big for our undertaking and we will develop and deliver engineering solutions to help our customers overcome their challenges.




- VPSA Oxygen Plants

- PSA Oxygen Generators
- Nitrogen Generators

- Nitrogen PSA Generators

- Desiccant Air Dryers(Customized to your Specifications)